Talk 1: Hair Business: Black Hair Credentials

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African & Caribbean hair consultants discuss experience, credentials and qualifications for black haircare practitioners in the UK


Reel Rebels Studios


12:00 – 13:00 BST




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Hosted by Yazz Thompson and L.A Saunders from Hair Business, a monthly African & Caribbean hair consultation programme on Reel Rebels Radio. This talk is part of RRR’s Black & White Noise Open Booth Day, 9th October.

In this open-panel, live studio recording, African & Caribbean hair specialists Yazz and Leslie are joined by others from the industry to discuss how a standardised educational hair curricula and qualifications for African-Caribbean hair practitioners in the UK can be implemented. Almost indisputably, much good could come from introducing formalised education and qualifications and could also give further validation to professionals who provide services central to the every day UK black experience. So what are the potential pitfalls? And what, if anything, does the industry stand to lose?

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