Rebel Roots II: The Art of Activism feat. The Next Generation of The Mangrove 9, artist Hanifa Hudson


Rebel Roots II: The Art of Activism feat. The Next Generation of The Mangrove 9, artist Hanifa Hudson, and live set by Click Clack Connection.
Presented by Shelby X Studios, join us for a guided tour of original artworks, retrospectives of historic campaigns, artist q&a's, live-art performances, and live music sets.


Reel Rebels Studios, 7A Bouverie Mews, London N16 0AE


19:00 – Late




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Presented by SHELBY X STUDIOS, REBEL ROOTS II: THE ART OF ACTIVISM is the 2nd edition in a series of mixed-media art exhibitions looking at community grassroots activism. Come and join us for a guided tour of original artworks, historic community campaigns, artist and activist q&a’s, live-art performances, live music sets and community discussions.  The entire programme is recorded (audio/visual) in front of a studio audience (that’s you!) for live or future broadcasts on REEL REBELS RADIO.

Guided Tour – Grace Kress and Lucy Turner from Shelby X Studios take the audience on a tour of  the art, historic community campaigns and live performances, conducting interviews and q&a’s with artists and activists en route.

Live Music Set – Click Clack Connection presents UK hip hop originals performing a few Carefully Composed Compositions.

The Original Joe90 joins the lineup

19:oo- Midnight: £7.50 online/MOTD

The Next Generation of the The Mangrove 9 ReturnJamila Bolton-Gordon and Yinka Inniss-Charles  take us back to the 70s and expand on the compelling installation they presented in Rebel Roots 1.  Audio, film and music further detail the historic campaign of The Mangrove 9, and how their family members stood up to state violence and corruption. The police target a community restaurant and the community fight back!

Breaker Art – Hanifa Hudson is an art-activist who dances paint on to canvas. Also known as a pioneer of UK breakdance and, historically, the first female breakdancer to compete in the UK, her current art work is inspired by the ethos of music and dance, and her fight for reparatory justice. In her art work, the movements are the vibrations of sound; the colours are the feelings of her fight…

Reel Rebels and Shelby X Studios explore their Hackney roots with a presentation on Hackney Community Defence Association. HCDA were a group of local people active in the 80s & 90s who brought 96 cases against the Metropolitan Police and won 92 – this includes the groundbreaking Operation Jackpot where Met Police officers were found to be dealing drugs on the streets of Hackney.

Alicia Graham, Grace Kress, artist Piyagarn Odunukwe and cartoonist Danny F. present works that explore the ties that bind, family and friendship circles and community spirit and humour.