Prime Pick N Mix

DJ Flipper (aka Peter) is host to a monthly internet radio theme show, Prime Pick ‘n Mix. Each month he treats us to a 90 minute taster of musical treats, taking us back to 50’s Rockabilly, 60’s pop and soul – right up to present day indie bands. Who knows what’s in store for us! Previous shows have featured Cars, Christmas, Dancing, Drugs and Alcohol. Where will he go next? Rehab? Only he knows.

The flirtatious Flipper was deported from Australia in the 1980’s and has lived in North London ever since. He spends his life searching for obscure gems in flea markets around the world. You will surely get an itch for his musical passions!

Prime Pick ‘N Mix is part of the Acrylic Mink Radio Star nights on Our fur may be fake but our stars are real!

You can email him at