Museum of Grooves

MC (Master Curator) Patrick Vernon is based at space station SS Sankofa which is 200 billion miles from Earth in the NOVA quadrant region in the year 2300. He is the curator and archaeologist at the Museum of Grooves. The Museum was established by the Intergalactic Commission with the objective to preserve aspects of African Diaspora heritage from the 20th century for education and research purposes for humanoids who live off world and have never been to Earth.  MC Patrick has been able to restore music from this period based on archaeology research of soul, disco, jazz,  house music, techno dub, and funk and left field tracks. The Museum has extensive black heritage collection covering objects, clothing/fashion accessories, prints, and photographic images.The Museum is open to all species and alien life forms who are interested on black history and the existence of black people who lived on Earth prior to WW4.
The museum has been able to restore oral interviews and film footage linked to a specially design interactive holographic images of respondents (each respondent or replicant has a reference number) as part of a database of interviews   with people from the 20th Century who have an interesting perspectives (sometimes called opinions) in areas such the arts, music, enterprise, politics and community affairs. Also the interviews are linked to respondent’s favourite tracks as part of the archival process to understand thought their processes and contextual meanings of culture and lifestyles. This research information provides listener and visitors rich ethnographic information on social habits of Earth species.

The show is First Tuesday of the Month on Reel Rebel Radio between 8-10pm